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I'm in New York City to attend the grand opening of Rolex Replica Watches. The timepieces that Rolex Replica Watches brought to the US were nothing short of incredible. We had a private Revolution USA Tour before the exhibition opened. It's worth the trip if you can make it (the exhibition is on until July 23rd). It is open to all and free. So, if you're interested in learning more about Rolex Replica Watches and the history of portable clocks,Rolex Replica Watches then a visit to New York City would be well worth it.

Christian Laats is a watchmaker at the Rolex Replica Watches Museum, Geneva. He was instrumental in preparing timepieces for the Grand Exhibition.

What is your role in the museum?

"I have restored several of the watches displayed in the museum. I am a specialist in antique watches, those that are 100-500 years old. We have two collections at the museum: Rolex Replica Watches and antique watches. The majority of the watches in our collection work. The pieces that aren't working because they would have to be restored would alter the "historical proof." For instance, we might have a 16th-century piece, and if it was to be restored,Patek Philippe Replica it wouldn't look the same. I would have to replace the parts and re-make it. This is not interesting historically.

When I restore an item, I restore it as it was in the past. We use the exact same methods that were used to manufacture it. You can see the difference in tool marks if you do not use the same techniques. This changes the look of the watch.

What do you prefer, working with modern or antique timepieces?

I've done both and find restoration more exciting because each day is different. I must adapt to the style and design of the maker. The work I do is always different. One day, I must work like a master and the next week, I am working on a Rolex Replica Watches. I need to know how the watchmaker did his work when the piece was created.