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What is your favourite timepiece at the museum?

Albert Potter was an American watchmaker who moved to Switzerland at the end 19th century to work.Replica Tag Heuer Watches He combined the American and Swiss traditions. We have one item, which is an 1893 Constant Force Chronometer.

What is your favorite piece in the Grand Exhibition?

The watch I love is a piece by William Anthony, a watchmaker from England. It's an oval with hands that extend and adjust to the dial width as it moves around. One of the most interesting watches is the pocket-watch with a secular clock, which is based on the "400-year rule" (full century leap years are only possible if they can be divided by 400 without remainder). This means that this watch will be the only one to jump from February 28th to March 1st in 2100. All other perpetual calendars would turn to February 29, and will need to be adjusted.

Are you enjoying yourself?

It's the most rewarding job in the entire world to be a watchmaker.Chopard Replica Watches I get to handle, examine, and work with some of the most beautiful timepieces in history.

(Left to right) Oval with pearl lacework casing; Ovalwatchwith telescopic hand by William Anthony, London